1. New Pattern

If you require to develop your own pattern, the minimum order is 1000 pcs mixed designs instead of 200 pcs per design.

2. Standard Size Chart

We have a diverse t-shirt chart size for each gender so you can find the most flattering fit.

polo size chart
3. Color Chart

We have the best selection of t-shirt colors to choose from. 30 high quality t-shirt colors are available. See below the minimum order of our printing techniques.

  • Minimum for screen printing is 200 pcs per color and design.
  • Minimum for sublimation is 200 pcs per color and design.
  • Minimum for digital printing (DTG) is 50 pcs per design.

If you need to dye a specific color that we dont carry in stock the minimum order will be 1000pcs.

3. Fabric Specification

We provide different fabric type to suite your brand and target market.

100% cotton combed

  • Indication: Ideal for establishing brands as this type of fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear.  The perfect for choice for satisfying all types of customers.
  • Used in: screen printing and digital printing
  • Colors: White and black
  • Weight: 165 gsm
  • Name: C32 combed

100% cotton semi combed

  • Indication: This type of fabric is the most popular because it is soft and breathable at the same time.  Ideal for start up clothing brands who wants to make a luxurious impression. Also a great choice for advertising efforts.
  • Used in: screen printing and digital printing
  • Colors: 30 colors
  • Weight: 165 gsm
  • Name: C32 semi combed

TC (75% polyester / 25% cotton)

  • Indication: Soft to wear and touch unfortunately not breathable. Best for indoor events.
  • Used in: screen printing and sublimation printing
  • Colors: Black and white
  • Weight: 140 gsm
  • Name: TC32 semi

TK (100% polyester)

  • Indication: TK has the same properties as TC but it is more economical. Also, ideal for events held indoors.