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T-shirt Ink Glossary

Here is am inl glossary for education purpose only: Cracking ink – For prints that features a unique cracking style Discharge ink – Gives fabric a softer texture by removing the fabric’s dye. This ink is normally used on light color prints which require dark fabric. Puff Ink /Expanding ink ?– Prints that are 3D, expanding […]

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Screen printing is accepted and utilized worldwide due to its simplicity and efficiency to create astounding images on fabric. In fact, this image transferring process just involves ink, canvas, stencil and of course, a woven mesh. But despite its popularity, screen printing’s history remains a mystery to many. Even those who regularly use screen printing […]

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Manufacturing in China

Finding the right t-shirt manufacturer in China can be a deliberating process especially when there are difficulties in communication. If there is a language barrier, you may experience disappointments with your expected order turnover. Even the quality of your t-shirts can be compromised with miscommunication. If you want to ease the process of searching the […]

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