Manufacturing in China

Manufacturing in China

Finding the right t-shirt manufacturer in China can be a deliberating process especially when there are difficulties in communication. If there is a language barrier, you may experience disappointments with your expected order turnover. Even the quality of your t-shirts can be compromised with miscommunication. If you want to ease the process of searching the right t-shirt manufacturer in China, here are some valuable tips to consider before you fly out to China.

Go online window shopping

If you don’t want to risk your company to manufacturing frauds, you can always go online and check for possible manufacturing candidates. Get in touch with the most reputable ones as they already have proven track records of their services. If you are considering start-up manufacturers because of their affordable costs, you should be cautious. Sometimes manufacturers that offer unbelievably low manufacturing prices add hidden charges that are not stated in the contract. They can also use low quality materials to save money.

Ask for their services

Once you have a list of probable t-shirt manufactures in China, it is time to narrow them. Get their contact details, send them an email or give them a call and inquire about their services. A reputable China manufacturer should be able to entail you all their manufacturing details in a clear and concise communication. If they aren’t able to do so, reconsider another company to do your shirts. Keep in mind, if your initial contact leads to a misunderstanding, you will most likely to experience disappointments later on.

Ask for their prices

T-shirt manufacturers in China offer different prices for their services. Some might have outrageous costs while others seem too good to be true. In order to find the best for your budget, it is always clever to ask for a quotation. Compare manufacturers’ prices and determine which is suitable for your current t-shirt manufacturing budget. Don’t always go for the cheaper option. You should look into their customer service, as well as customer feedback because it can give you clues whether or they can get the job done.

Travel to China
If you found the right manufacturer, visit China. You will learn more about the manufacturer if you see their factory and meet their CEO or manager personally. Remember to hire a professional translator. You don’t want to get lost in translation!

Consider hiring a trading agency

If you don’t have time to personally look for a t-shirt manufacturer in China, you can always hire a trading agency. A trading agency is responsible for finding a manufacturer who suits all of your requirements. To avoid business dilemmas related to hiring a trading agency, you should enforce a strict guideline. They should be able to provide you with samples or their portfolio. For security, always start with a small t-shirt production and ask online payment options as Paypal.

With so many t-shirt manufacturers in China, choosing the best for your t-shirt brand can be a tedious and lengthy procedure. Fortunately, you can find the right one by considering the following tips mentioned above. You can go online and directly ask for manufacturer’s background, as well as their portfolios. Once you’ve determined which among them suits your brand’s style or personality, kindly ask for their standard manufacturing price – you don’t want to spend too much if you can find the most reasonable manufacturing value. Always keep in mind that you should carefully consider other aspects such as customer service and customer satisfaction. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean quality. So beware. If you narrowed your list, it is ideal to travel to China and check the manufacturer for yourself. How about the language barrier? You can resolve this issue by hiring a competent and professional translator. If you want to smoothly ease the entire process, consider hiring a trading agency. They are the middle men in trading business. Although they might charge higher than doing it yourself, you can ensure that you don’t have to worry about language barrier, production time and quality of your order. To ensure that you won’t be tricked, it is best to ask for samples. It is also ideal to start with small production and request payment on Paypal for your security.