T-shirt Ink Glossary

T-shirt Ink Glossary

Here is am inl glossary for education purpose only:

Cracking ink – For prints that features a unique cracking style

Discharge ink – Gives fabric a softer texture by removing the fabric’s dye. This ink is normally used on light color prints which require dark fabric.

Puff Ink /Expanding ink ?– Prints that are 3D, expanding ink is used. This ink is added with plastisol to allow the print to rise.

Flocking – For prints with velvet texture

Foil – gives prints a reflective feel by applying foil to the t-shirt

Four color process – the process wherein four colors (CMYK) are separated and often use to represent photographic design in screen printing.

Glitter/Shimmer – gives designs a sparking effect by adding metallic flakes

Gloss – gloss like finish on prints by adding a clear base to the placed ink.

Metallic – Similar to shimmer or glimmer but uses a more refined metallic flakes

Nylobond – For waterproof fabric, nylobond is used

Plastisol – The most popular ink because of its versatility to provide color opacity even on dark fabrics. This ink also gives prints a plasticized feel to it. Additives are added to ensure that the print is soft to touch.

Rubber Ink–  often more resistant than plastsol, rubber is often chosen by printer as it doesnt need to be cured.

Suede Ink – Added to plastisol for prints that require suede style.

Water based ink – long lasting ink ofthen use on white and light colored fabric.